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your law enforcement, remotely

Provide the essentials to frontline workers at arm's reach with no IT needed.

Law Enforcement

Member Recognition enhances creativity to allow for leaders to showcase an officer's work efforts. Effectively, bolstering self-esteem, feeling valued and appreciated to help a member feel more engaged among different units and departments within law enforcement.

Law Enforcement

Rapid Information Sharing provides a centralized platform for distributing critical information such as incident reports, updates, and protocols in real-time. This ensures that all personnel are promptly informed and can respond effectively.

Law Enforcement

Training & Resource Distribution

Law enforcement frequently conduct training sessions and workshops to enhance skills and preparedness. can serve as a central repository for training materials, manuals, and resources, making it easy for personnel to access relevant information whenever they need it.

Key Benefit

Empower new and current officers for success

Effective communication has always been an issue within the ranks. Assuring that leaders are effectively communicating with members, and vice versa, keeps personnel informed to help leaders understand the challenges that members are encountering.

Key Benefit

Mobile Access for Field Personnel

Police officers and other first responders often work in dynamic and unpredictable environments. Our mobile app ensures that field personnel can access important information and updates directly from their smartphones or tablets, enabling them to stay connected and informed while on or off duty.

Effective Internal Communications

Targeted Announcements

Law enforcement agencies often operate with specialized teams and units. Our platform's ability to send targeted announcements to specific teams or departments ensures that relevant information reaches the right people quickly, enhancing coordination and response times.

Frontline Sentiment

Receiving feedback from frontline responders is essential for improving operational processes and decision-making. Easily create interactive polls, enabling supervisors and administrators to collect valuable insights from personnel on the ground, leading to more informed decisions and better outcomes.

Media and Resources

Rich Content Publishing

Distribute resources and media from one central hub, remotely.

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Structure playlist-like combinations of audios and videos where employees can be immersed in similar to apps like Netflix and Spotify.


Organize and structure department and company content easily to fit your business needs. No technical experience or help required.

Personalized content

Quickly set targeted content to specific departments or teams to ensure the most informative data is within reach.

Old content stays fresh

Showcase archived or new content that are critical for members in the organization to know. Often, files and content get buried in other file hosting services which leads to employees missing out on vital information. discovery content functionality voids this issue by displaying existing content to stay fresh.

Build an expanding knowledge library

Content is king when it comes to bringing out the best of your employees. Through distribution dashboard -easily educate, onboard, cultivate what your staff need to know vs feel disconnected.

Content Writing

Our intuitive Block-based WYSIWYG editor allows for beautiful article creativity like never before. Add text, video, images, and more with a single click. Creating content can't get easier than this.

In-House Newsletters

Allow admins and managers to create and publish news, survey results, testimonials, new hire spotlighting, and more within the organization.

Resource management

Easily upload and categorize files in a matter of minutes supporting: Word, Powerpoint, PDF, Excel, and more. We keep expanding supported files consistently.

No designers or IT needed

Distribute content in a matter of minutes - goodbye IT. Lacking designers? Use our free library of design assets ranging from photographs to modern illustrations. Don’t like what you see? Upload your own, with a simple click to fit your brand or product.

Analytics beyond measures

Better align your brand and information by understanding the types of content that interest your employees most segmented by departments, teams, and individuals.

Automated Document Sharing

Auto Convert Boring Documents to Best-in-Class Design


Communicate without red tape restrictions

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Unite local and international presence

Bridge the gap of disconnected staff members within the organization. Instead, help scattered employees feel connected and part of something special.

Mobile push notifications

Send out important news, new content alerts, and more leading to direct and accessible engagement with your frontline.

Calendar synchronization

Keep your staff on the crest of company-wide events within their employee hub of the platform.

Retain culture in a remote environment

With COVID19 pandemic disrupting the way the workforce operates. Remote work has been an adopted standard making it harder to maintain company culture, values, and goals.

Staff directory

Transparency is key for building healthy work ethics and culture. Allow for global access to employee contact information to include: job title, email, social media profiles, and more. Staff members have control to update their info allowing asynchronization, instantly.


Department and team managers can send important one-way messages to key members.