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To deliver a platform where organizations can build their brand culture, increase staff retention, and productivity by using the right enterprise software tools that their workforce will love.

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Our Story

Where it all started started as an in-house project at our international software development agency, Squareball Studios. Throughout our 8+ years in business, we faced 3 challenges:

Consequently, we identified that the majority of shared internal content would end up being underutilized and overlooked, buried deep in file directories (such as OneDrive, Dropbox) including Microsoft Team channels -- hence was born.

Since then, our solution has transformed from a proven in-house project to a commercialized platform with expanded functionalities, customer feedback, and more.


What does commix mean?

The word "commix" is a verb that means to mix or blend together. It is typically used in contexts where different elements or substances are combined to form a single mixture or compound. Commix is an older or more formal term for "mix" or "combine".

What we believe in

Our Values

Innovation, integrity, collaboration, and forward-thinkers.


We prioritize innovation.

Fostering a culture where creativity flourishes and groundbreaking ideas are welcomed and nurtured.


Collaboration is ingrained in our DNA.

Promoting teamwork and knowledge sharing to achieve collective success and deliver exceptional results.


Integrity is at the core of our operations.

Guiding every decision and action to ensure trust and transparency with our customers and partners.


Continuous improvement drives us forward.

We constantly seek to learn, adapt, and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and the industry.

Industry Experts

Advisory Team advisory board believes in ensuring that our products uphold industry standards for each of their specialized markets.

Felipe Rodriguez

Retired Sergeant NYPD, Adj. Professor at John Jay College

Carol Park

LPC-S, CEDRD, RD, LD, & Entrepreneur

Miguel Conway

Managing Partner, IT


We believe in committing to building products that people can have lasting impressions and love.

Arturo Sosa

Co-Founder & CTO

Andrew Sosa

Co-Founder & CPO

Kevin Sinza

Lead Mobile Engineer

Maria Consuelo Soto

Senior Finance Director