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An engaged employee correlates with reduced turnover and stronger sales metrics spanning the entire organization.

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Boost Retention Through Exceptional Employee Experiences.

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Effortlessly Curate Engaging Content

Structure multimedia playlists like Netflix or Spotify - no technical skills required. Tailor audio, video, and digital assets to meet your business needs and immerse employees.

Employee Handbook

New Hire Onboarding

Member Recognition

Celebrate Milestones Without Hassle

Effortlessly recognize important milestones for your employees or customers. Our platform allows personalized celebrations, from work anniversaries, product launches, to employee recognition. Simply set it and let us handle the meaningful appreciation.

Give Your Workforce a Voice

Employee sentiment can change every day, so it takes more than an annual check-in to know how your employees really feel. Don’t ignore one of the most important parts of their experience; giving them a voice and making sure they’re heard.

Highlight Essential Information

Ensure vital organizational content, both archived and new, stays top-of-mind and readily available - preventing important files from getting lost or overlooked in other hosting services.

Deliver Personalized Content Efficiently

Rapidly assign relevant information to specific departments and teams, ensuring access to vital data.

Did You Know?

85% of firms report that their company culture is NOT where it needs to be.

Over 50% of CEOs and CFOs said corporate culture is essential for...

  • Productivity
  • Creativity
  • Firm value
  • Growth rates
said that culture was important at their firms.
said improving their firm’s corporate culture would improve the value of the company.
said work culture influences productivity, creativity, profitability, firm value and growth rates.
said firm's culture is where it needs to be.
Source: Forbes.com

Your company isn’t boring. So why are your files?

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Centralized Digital Work Hub Without the Red Tape.

Commix.io allows you to streamline communication channels with a centralized platform that makes it a breeze to distribute content and collaborate on projects.

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Unite local and international presence

Bridge remote work's isolating effects, allow dispersed employees to feel connected through instant cross-team collaboration, whether coworkers are across the hall or globe.

Communication Made Simple

Instead of relying on scattered emails or different platforms, employees can access all necessary information in one place.

Scale at Your Own Pace

As your organization grows, Commix.io grows with you. Easily scale your platform as your content needs increase or your user base expands. You won't even need to pause your operations as you scale, because we guarantee a seamless experience that won't disrupt the productivity driving your growth.

Mobile push notifications

Need to urgently reach remote or heads-down employees? Mobile push notifications instantly alert their devices - the fastest way for critical news and updates.

Retain Your Culture in a Digital Environment

With remote work now the norm, a digital workplace enables retaining company culture - providing a central hub for seamless collaboration, file sharing and communication that fosters connection despite being dispersed.

Staff Directory

Foster transparency with an employee directory providing global access to contact details like titles, emails and profiles. Enable open communication - whether remote employees need HR or cross-team collaboration. Self-service updating keeps the directory current.

Sync Your Calendars

Keep your staff up-to-date on company-wide events using the employee hub, with a synchronized calendar that updates everyone at the same time. Keep your team informed of meetings, training sessions, deadlines, and Donut Fridays in real-time.


Departments and team managers can send important on-way messages to the entire organization or to key members. Whether it's a big and important announcement or just a message letting someone know that they’re doing a great job, our platform’s announcement feature makes it simple to reach out.

Enhance brand culture and employee productivity.