An Intranet Platform to Unite Company Culture and Coworkers From Anywhere

From training materials to communication, a centralized digital platform gives your frontline workers to everything they need, no matter where they are working from.

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Employee Recognition and Appreciation

Showcase employee stories, spotlights, and achievements on This fosters a culture of recognition, helps employees connect with colleagues, and provides insight into different roles and career paths within the company.

Centralized Knowledge Base and Resource Access

A centralized digital cloud for publishing and accessing important company policies, procedures, guides, and other critical resources. This empowers employees to work more efficiently with on-demand access to vital information.

Vacation PTO Policies

Company Processes Docs

Employee Handbook

Personalized and Engaging Employee Experience

Ensure vital organizational content, both archived and new, stays top-of-mind and readily available - preventing important files from getting lost or overlooked in other hosting services.

Mobile Access and Convenience

Allow employees to access the platform's features and content on-the-go from their smartphones or tablets. This ensures convenient access to critical information and communication channels regardless of location.


Experience company content like you’ve never seen before.'s content distribution platform allows employees to enjoy a more fulfilling user experience that's tailored to their chosen device. Whether your teams are working from offices scattered around the globe or remotely, every employee enjoys the same streamlined, optimized user experience. is on a mission to break the mold with internal content distribution. We’ve created a streamlined, best-in-class user experience that rivals popular consumer platforms like Netflix and Spotify. Not only are companies better equipped with tools that can save time and improve communication, but using the platform becomes an enjoyable experience. Your employees will spend less time struggling to find what they need and more time being creative, productive, and empowered to elevate their own careers within your company.

Surfacing Relevant Content surfaces personalized, role-relevant content through advanced algorithms, enabling employees to easily discover new information, training, and best practices.

Find What You Need Fast

Easily categorize your content with tags for one or more departments and teams, making it simple to find what you need when you need it using the search function. You can even create quick, personalized access by placing content on each employee’s “My Hub.”

Featured & Must Read Items

Showcase existing or new content that is critical for your employees at any given time to make sure that important resources are being used.

Discover What Content Your Teams Find Useful

Advanced analytics allow you to quickly see what individual employees and teams think of content that’s been shared internally. This makes for faster and more informed decision-making.

Get a Quick Summary of Content Intent

Reduce the time spent opening and digging through content to see what it contains. Instead, get a quick summary of each piece of content’s intent with a brief summary for every item.

For Employees

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Increase Team Collaboration via Encrypted Real-Time Messaging

Facilitate open communication between all employees, regardless of their team or department

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HIPAA and ISO certifications for full assurance of privacy and protection.


Create rapid announcements to segmented teams that'll instantly be received across all individuals' devices.

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