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Allow your company to transform how you distribute and access internal content. In addition to providing a range of tools and resources to better equip your team, our beautiful and intuitive interface helps to boost employee engagement, which in turn can lead to an increase in productivity, creativity, firm value, and growth rates. Whether you’re working on a desktop in the office or a mobile device in another country, our platform makes access and collaboration simple.

Key Features

Everything your team needs in one place

A unified asset-sharing platform means that your employees have access to all file repositories and knowledge base platforms in one easy-to-access location that they can get to from any internet-enabled device. Advanced search technology makes finding exactly what they need fast and easy.

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AI Helper

Generate high-quality posts to simplify the creation of categories, articles, and more. Your content creators will find it easier than ever to summarize documents, allowing them to produce actionable knowledge for their target audience with artificial intelligence.

Knowledge library

Businesses can build an ever-expanding knowledge library to boost skills and bring out the very best in their team members, as well as make onboarding new hires fast and easy, setting your fresh talent up for success right from the start.

Improve collaboration

Facilitate and inspire collaboration among teams by making sharing documents, presentations, and other content simple. Teams can work together on projects from anywhere, allowing you to inspire teamwork within your organization.

Personalize content

Create and set targeted resources for specific departments and teams, ensuring that the information they need is always within reach.

Content writing

An intuitive Rich Text editor allows you to get creative with your content writing like never before. Add text, video, images, and more with just a click of a button. Then, instantly distribute your content to your team and beyond.

Intelligent search

Never waste another minute searching for lost documents. Our platform keeps everything you need at hand, with an advanced search tool that makes accessing your content fast and easy.

Document management

Upload and organize your files in no-time, with categories that make keeping your resources organized an automatic and intuitive process.

Multi-channel reach

Notify your employees of updates and other important communications across a variety of channels, devices, and platforms. Simply upload and publish your content, and will take care of the rest.

Old content stays fresh

All too often, old files and content become buried, which leaves your employees missing out on important resources and information. But with our content discovery functionality, you can avoid this issue by keeping content fresh and easily accessible at all times.

Revolutionize Content Delivery

Experience company content from any device like never before.

Most internal content platforms are clunky, outdated, and unorganized. It can be difficult for employees to find the resources they need. Management is limited in the tools they can use to communicate with their teams, share files, or organize folders. It’s also easy for files to become lost in the platform, which means that employees miss out on important information, and management may spend more time creating new resources and onboarding new hires, which takes away from productivity, and ultimately, your company’s bottom line. is on a mission to break the mold with internal content distribution. We’ve created a streamlined, best-in-class user experience that rivals popular consumer platforms like Netflix and Spotify. Not only are companies better equipped with tools that can save time and improve communication, but using the platform becomes an enjoyable, easy experience. This means that your employees spend less time struggling to find what they need and more time being creative, productive, and empowered to elevate their own careers within your company.

Knowledge InSights

Asset Analytics

Gain access to analytics on individual shared content. By providing a quick overview of your team’s opinions, these insights allow for faster decision-making within the company to better improve deliver quality of your content publishing.

Employee Engagement

People Analytics

Acquire up-to-the-minute understandings of trending subjects, emotions, sentiment, and user interactions, providing invaluable insights into the heartbeat of your organization: your workforce.

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