19 Intranet Engagement Creative Ideas

In today's fast-paced corporate landscape, fostering employee engagement is a cornerstone of success. With the advent of digital platforms, particularly intranets, companies have a unique opportunity to cultivate a thriving organizational culture. Here are 19 innovative ideas to supercharge your intranet and elevate employee engagement to new heights.

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#1: Encourage praise and recognition

Employee recognition is pivotal in nurturing job satisfaction. Integrate a shout-outs section into your intranet, empowering every team member to share commendations and receive acknowledgments. By making this feature prominent in the global navigation, you create a culture of appreciation and camaraderie.

#2: Prioritize Remote Accessibility

Given the prevalence of hybrid work environments, ensuring remote accessibility to your intranet is paramount. Extend full mobile accessibility to deskless and frontline workers, enabling seamless access to vital information, resources, and contacts irrespective of location.

#3: Motivate Profile Enhancement

Empower employees to personalize their profiles by allowing them to edit information and choose their own display pictures. Introducing a photo booth for capturing employee images adds a social networking dimension to your intranet, fostering a sense of belonging and identity.

#4: Enable Video content

Capture employee attention with videos publications, leveraging creative visual cues to alert users to important updates and activities. Video captures non-verbal cues such as facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice, which can enhance understanding and emotional connection with the content. According to research by American Educational Research Association, video learning even outperforms in-person lectures, in terms of knowledge retention and comprehension. Additionally, another study by Guo et al. (2014) found that students watching video lectures were more engaged and spent more time on task compared to those reading text-based materials.

#5: Host a Pet-of-the-Month Contest

Drive engagement by instituting a pet-of-the-day contest, where employees can showcase their love for their cat, dog, or any type of house pet they may own. This feature not only shines the spotlight on employees but also encourages participation and fosters a sense of community.

#6: Integrate Corporate Event Calendar

Having a corporate calendar is beneficial because it helps teams coordinate schedules, deadlines, and events, fostering better collaboration and organization within the company. It provides transparency regarding important dates and activities, ensuring everyone is on the same page and reducing the likelihood of scheduling conflicts. Additionally, a corporate calendar serves as a centralized resource for planning, strategizing, and prioritizing tasks, ultimately enhancing productivity and efficiency across the organization.

#7: Implement Name Pronunciation Feature

Promote inclusivity by incorporating a name pronunciation feature into your intranet. This ensures that every team member's name is pronounced correctly, fostering a respectful and diverse workplace environment.

#8: Celebrate New Hires

Welcome new team members with enthusiasm by announcing their arrival on the intranet. This not only introduces them to the entire team but also integrates them into the company's digital ecosystem from day one.

#9: Feature a Quiz-of-the-Week

Inject fun and camaraderie into your intranet by hosting a weekly quiz. From personality assessments to pop culture trivia, quizzes provide an enjoyable way for employees to connect and unwind.

#10: Create Artistic Employee Avatars

Infuse vibrancy into your intranet by replacing standard profile pictures with artistic sketches and avatars. Utilize freelance services to create customized illustrations, adding a splash of personality to employee profiles.

#11: Spotlight Employee

Dedicate a section of your intranet to highlight outstanding employees, showcasing their achievements, interests, and contributions. Recognizing individual successes fosters motivation and strengthens the emotional bond between employees and the intranet.

#12: Publicize Company Goals

Transparency is key in garnering employee investment in the intranet's success. Clearly articulate intranet goals and metrics, enabling employees to track progress and actively contribute to achieving objectives.

#13: Refresh Headers Regularly

Maintain employee interest and engagement by periodically updating the intranet's headers and visual elements. This simple yet effective strategy keeps the platform dynamic and enticing, encouraging frequent visits.

#14: Distribute Intranet Newsletters

Leverage intranet announcements and article curated features to spread news and updates directly to employees' devices. This ensures broad reach and enables employees to stay informed and engaged with relevant content.

#15: Engage with Sentiment Polls

Harness the power of interactivity by conducting polls on the intranet to gauge employee interests and preferences. Polls provide valuable insights into content relevance and foster a sense of inclusivity by soliciting employee input.

#16: Conduct Engagement Surveys

Augment poll data with in-depth insights obtained through comprehensive surveys. Explore employee perceptions regarding content findability, navigation ease, and overall intranet satisfaction to drive continuous improvement.

#17: Integrate Gamification Elements

Spur ongoing engagement by incorporating gamification elements into your intranet. Award badges and rewards for completing intranet-related tasks, fostering healthy competition and sustained participation.

#18: Enable Audio Content

Capture employee attention with audio, inform employees to important resources, updates, and activities curated in a podcast or playlist.

#19: Involve Leadership in Launch Efforts

Demonstrate leadership support for the intranet by involving executives in launch initiatives. Whether through engaging videos or messages, showcase leadership endorsement to instill confidence and excitement among employees.

By implementing these diverse ideas, you can transform your intranet into a dynamic hub of engagement, collaboration, and connection, driving organizational success in the digital age.